The Organizer

The Organizer's attentive nature and conscientious actions make them an important member of any friend group or family.


  • You are reliable. If you say you'll show up, you will. You honor your commitments.
  • You are thoughtful. You put time and effort into selecting gifts, remembering birthdays and acknowledging other important days within the lives of your loved ones.

Potential hurdles

  • You may avoid trying new things. You take pride in doing a good job, and being a beginner is not a place where you are comfortable.
  • You may be inflexible. You have high standards for yourself and others. You may feel disappointed or betrayed when others fall short.
  • You may struggle to let others assist you. You may not even realize when you’re overwhelmed until you’ve reached a breaking point.

How others see you

  • Others see you as organized. They appreciate your natural talent for organization and how you use it to improve the lives of those around you.
  • Others see you as trustworthy. You rarely let others down and they know they can rely on you.