The Cultivator

The Cultivator’s loyalty and care ensure they will be a valued old friend, a favored relative and a committed romantic companion.


  • You are loyal. You are willing to work on the relationships important to you and value the people you have in your life.
  • You are considerate. You respect the time and feelings of those in your life. This consideration makes you a good listener.

Potential hurdles

  • Your desire to be considerate may make you ignore your own needs. You may focus on putting others first, pushing your own needs and wants to the side.
  • You may feel awkward at times. You may not know how to put your feelings into words.
  • You may have trouble reaching out to others when you need help. You may have a hard time being vulnerable and allowing others to care for you.

How others see you

  • Others believe you know who you are and what you like. They believe Cultivators have a strong sense of self, even if you don’t always feel that way.
  • Others see you as a steady and consistent friend. They value your loyalty and know they can count on you during the hard moments.